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Wind Loss Mitigation Survey … the win-win situation!432689_palm_tree

  • Home Protection from Windstorms, Tornados & Hurricanes
  • Substantial Savings on Insurance Premiums
  • Easy & Inexpensive, One-Time Home Inspection
  • Selling Advantage & Higher Selling Price Potential

A Windstorm home inspection is a win-win situation for everyone – current owners, sellers and buyers of homes, both inland and on the coast!

Safety for Your Family

During a windstorm home inspection, South Florida Home Inspection Association looks at specific parts of your home and the manner in which it was constructed. These are features that reinforce or envelope your home’s exterior shell to withstand uplift, shear and lateral forces of hurricane force winds, such as the roof design and construction, roof tie-down attachments, roof decks, foundation restraints, secondary water resistance, and opening protection systems for windows, doors and garages. The windstorm home inspection identifies those features you have, as well as those you don’t. You can then determine whether you wish to upgrade these vulnerable components for better home protection.

Substantial Savings

Certification from a windstorm home inspection also gives you substantial savings on your homeowners windstorm insurance premium. Under Florida Law, for each enhanced component you have, you receive a discount, credit or other rate differential on your premium. Some homeowners have saved hundreds and even thousands with the windstorm home inspection certification, according to experts. The best part? The age of the home doesn’t have any affect on receiving a premium reduction! This makes a windstorm home inspection essential for both homeowners and home buyers – why buy a home that isn’t as safe or will cost you hundreds or thousands more over the years?

Home Sellers

Certification from a windstorm home inspection gives you several advantages:

  • Home prices can be increased with the right incentive – buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is safer and gives them substantial savings
  • A selling advantage – buyers will want your home over your competition and pay for the privilege! And you can prove it with your certification!
  • The windstorm survey can be combined with a home inspection or done separately – it’s easy, convenient and inexpensive

All homes have at least one or more qualifying features, but you won’t know without an inspection … can’t be certified without an inspection … will get no reduction in premiums without an inspection.


Under Florida Statute 626.0629, the State mandates that all insurance companies, which sell homeowners insurance in Florida, must offer their customers either an annual discount, credit or other rate differential for features that enhance a home’s durability and give more protection during windstorms, tornados and hurricanes. Such features lessen the possibility of a breach during high winds that cause rain and debris to damage the interior, as well as internally exerted pressure that can explode the walls and roof of a home.


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