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Real Estate Home Inspection ReportThe Basic Overall Home Inspection

The most requested service we offer is the basic overall home inspection, where we evaluate the condition of the home’s major systems and structural integrity. We analyze how well these systems are working, identifying areas that need to be watched, repaired or replaced.

You will receive a big picture analysis from a visual inspection of all accessible systems and structures. This service typically includes the inspection of1:

Foundation Electrical Systems Exterior
Porches Plumbing Walls
Decks Heating/A.C. Siding
Roofing Ventilation Interior
Doors Fireplaces Windows

Wind Loss Mitigation Survey

This is a one-time home inspection to identify features that qualify, as well as features that don’t, for homeowners insurance deductions and/or credits under Florida Statute 626.0629, which mandates that all insurance companies which sell homeowners insurance in Florida must offer their customers either an annual discount, credit or other rate differential for features that enhance a home’s durability and gives more protection during windstorms or hurricanes. As Florida’s past experience has shown, this includes those homes located inland, as well as on the coastlines.

Termite & Wood Organisms Inspections

We all know how much damage termites and other wood organisms can do to the structure of a home. Take your knowledge times three for a more accurate assessment of termite/organism damage potential. Every home should have this inspection every so many years to ensure the integrity of its structure has not been compromised.

Other Inspections Offered (click on the link for more information)

Home Inspection for Toxic Mold Newly-Built Home Inspection
Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Septic Inspection
Inspection for Environmental Issues Radon Gas Inspection


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1 If during our home inspection, we discover that you need a more detailed analysis of a system or structural component, we will recommend the appropriate professional. Such detailed analyses are rarely needed; however, situations occasionally exist that require a specialist to do a more in depth evaluation of a component.

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