Rodent & Pest Home Inspections in South Florida

Rodent & Pest Home Inspections

Rodent & Pest Home Inspections Rodents can intrude into the comfort of your home whenever they get a chance. They spread diseases, invade your home, render your food unfit for consumption, and in some cases they can even cause fires. The best way out is to contact a reliable home inspection service in South Florida to eliminate these unpleasant creatures as soon as you notice them in your home.

Why Rodent and Pest Inspection is Important

  1. It Protects You from Diseases

Rodents spread several diseases both directly and indirectly such as:

  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  • Hemorrhagic fever with renal; syndrome
  • Lassa fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic chorio-meningitis
  • Plague
  • Babesiosis
  • Colorado tick fever
  • Human granulocytic anaplasmosis
  • Lyme disease
  • Murine typhus

A reputable rodent and pest inspection service frees your home from rodents and protects you, your family, and your pets from these life-threatening diseases.

  1. It Restores the Beauty and Hygiene of Your Home

A home infested by nauseating creatures such as rodents loses its beauty, hygiene and quality. Everywhere you notice bits of chewed up things, urine, droppings, and a repulsive odour. It can become uncomfortable to live in a home full of this type of thing. A rodent and pest inspection done at the very onset of invasion into your home can remove these offensive animals and critters from your home and bring it back in its original quality state.

  1. It Ensures Your Food is Not Contaminated

When you have rodents in your home, it’s important to realize that your food may not be fit for consumption. Rodents will pollute your food to some extent and that is simply unacceptable. A genuine home inspection service in South Florida ensures the complete elimination of rodents from your home so that your food is no more contaminated.

  1. It Protects Against Fires Caused by Rodents

Rodents can also cause fires by chewing away the insulation on electric wires and exposing the wiring to wood or other flammable materials. This is a serious threat to your home, family, and pets. A rodent home inspection safeguards you against any prospective fires caused by rodents by setting your home free from them.

The Best Time for a Rodent/Pest Inspection is either the colder months when they are largely dormant or at the onset of warmer months when they start resuming their activity and reproduction.

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