New Form for Wind Survey Insurance Discount

2012-january-1A wind loss mitigation inspection (wind survey) can lower your windstorm insurance premiums substantially. Some homeowners have saved hundreds or even thousands on their premiums, according to insurance experts.

This is a one-time home inspection to identify features that qualify, as well as features that don’t, for homeowner insurance deductions and/or credits under Florida Statute 626.0629, which mandates that all insurance companies which sell homeowners insurance in Florida must offer their customers either an annual discount, credit or other rate differential for features that enhance a home’s durability and give more protection during windstorms or hurricanes. As Florida’s past experience has shown, this includes those homes located inland, as well as on the coastlines. Learn more about wind surveys: Click Here.

Form Update

With a windstorm survey for your home, you receive a form OIR-B1-1802 that is used to obtain your premium discount from your insurance company. This form has been updated recently, and its use is required as of February 1, 2012. Changes include reclassifying some of the questions, and gable end bracing inspection is no longer required.

New Requirement

Along with the new inspection form, wind survey inspectors now are required to research and verify the date of permitting, if the home was built or roofed during the 2002 and 2003 timeframe.

2012-january-2Will New Inspections Be Required?

No. If you already have had your home inspected for Wind Loss Mitigation, your current form is sufficient to continue getting your premium discount. If you change insurance companies, however, they will probably require you to obtain the new form through another inspection. New homeowners also would be required to have their own wind survey done to obtain the premium discount.

Why Should You Care?

It can affect your home sellers and buyers. If you have two identical homes and a buyer is not sure which he or she likes the best, one seller having a wind survey with the form OIR-B1-1802 can influence the buyer to purchase that home over the other – after all, as the new homeowner, the buyer knows in advance he or she will save money on annual premiums. It’s a wonderful selling tool for realtors and home sellers. Keep this in mind. You may wish to recommend your home sellers get a wind survey, if they haven’t already had one completed.

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