Four Reasons Why Your Newly Constructed Home Needs an Inspection

Florida home inspectionYou might assume that a newly constructed home is safe and perfect. After all, it’s brand new, right? During construction, it had to pass all local codes and ordinances. You don’t need to have it independently inspected, do you? Wrong. The truth is that there are several issues related with newly built homes which can be discovered during a new home inspection.

 What does a New Home Inspection involve?

Below is a list of top reasons why a newly constructed home needs a home inspection and what you can expect from a home inspector.

  1. Complexities of Construction.

    Home construction involves different subcontractors and their employees working simultaneously on different systems of the home. It becomes difficult for the builder to take care of all these things. Some common issues with new homes are broken roof trusses, missing siding, organic growth on crawl space wood framing and so on. Your home inspector will point out these issues

  2. Higher Standards with a New Home Inspection.

    Municipal building inspections follow minimum standards as opposed to home inspections which set high standards of inspection and give you a clear picture of the structural components and major systems of the home.

  3.  Repairs Before Moving In.

    Your home inspector will inform you about the repairs needed on the home, which can be done by asking your builder to do them before moving in.

  4. Safety and Cost-effectiveness.

    Some problems with newly built homes, like gas leakage, can result in serious situations. Items like missing attic insulation can invite high utility bills increasing your costs. A new home inspection will help you fix these problems before they become serious problems or unnecessarily impact your bank account.

What doesn’t a New Home Inspection involve?

Given the limitations of his job, you can’t expect a home inspector to:

  • Give you every little detail about the property in the final report .
  • Fix any problems discovered during home inspection as it will violate the code of ethics of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).
  • Predict when various systems may fail.

At South Florida Home Inspection Association, we comply with the standards set by The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Our highly trained and experienced professionals carry out new home inspections in a truly objective, unbiased and honest way. Contact us for further information by calling 561-818-5593 or

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