10 Things You Must Know About Home Inspection Limitations

10 Things You Must Know About Home Inspection LimitationsA professional home inspection is a visual, non- intrusive examination of the easy to access areas, systems and components of a residential home. As a homeowner you should know what the limitations are for home inspections.

South Florida Home Inspection Association provides homeowners and prospective homeowners a variety of home inspections, ranging from pre-purchase home inspections to wind mitigation inspections and everything in between. The company follows the Standards of Practice as set by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

We have found that many people have false expectations of what is involved with a home inspection. Here is a list of what not to expect:

  1. Not Exhaustive – A home inspection does not cover everything. It may not find all existing or potential issues. It is limited to reveal the material defects observed on the date of inspection for the areas covered by the type of inspection being performed
  2.  No Detection of Concealed Defects – As a home inspection undertakes a visual examination of the house and its various components; it is not expected to reveal any concealed defects. Destructive testing of anything in the house is strongly prohibited.
  3.  No Consideration of Aesthetic Concerns – A home inspection has nothing to do with aesthetic concerns of the home or the matters of taste or cosmetic defects. We leave that to you.
  4.  Will not determine the Suitability of the Property for Any Use – The purpose of a home inspection is to visually examine the property and give you the big picture analysis, not to assess the suitability of the property for any particular use.
  5.  Will not evaluate the Property- A home inspector is not entitled to evaluate your home and determine its market value. That sort of evaluation is done by other experts.
  6.  Will not determine the insurability of the property – Being non-invasive, the process of home inspection is not supposed to determine the insurability of your property. We present the facts, insurance companies determine the risk.
  7.  Will not suggest about Purchase of the Property – The task of a home inspector is to examine the property and not to give suggestions about whether you should purchase it or not.
  8.  Can’t determine the Life Expectancy of the Home and its Components – A home inspection is all about the visual examination of the property and is not set up to determine the life expectancy of the house or its systems and components.
  9. Will not include Temporary Items – A home inspector will examine your home and the permanently installed items within. It is not supposed to examine the ones that are not permanently installed.
  10. Standards Applicable to Properties with Four or Fewer Residential Units – The above stated Standards of Practice apply only to properties with four or fewer residential units. So homeowners must keep it in mind.

Contact South Florida Home Inspection Association to find out what home inspection services we provide or check out our blog for more information on what to expect and what not to from a home inspection.

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